100 WC Week 27

The Robbery

          I drove after I stole the most expensive diamond in the world. The cops chased me although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. I took rock from my bag and put it on the drive pedal to trick the cops. I swiftly jumped out of the car letting the car explode before my  own eyes. I thought I could use the diamond to buy another one and extra stuff after all have the most expensive diamond in my hand. I ran into the closest backyard. After that I found myself caged in metal bars.

100 WC Week #22

The Majestic Goldfish

One day I woke up as fast as i could and rushed to my tree house I climbed up the brown wooden ladder and slowly peered through the window hoping to find something majestic and as a shine in the air I stared at the exact spot. It was a goldfish! And it was flying! I wiped my tears of joy off my face and as soon as I looked back the goldfish was gone and at that moment my thoughts slowly flew out of mind. And on this present day I still remain looking for that fish.

100 WC week #21

The Wood Creature Invasion

 I am starring at what looked like wood creatures they looked like they were defending "You stolen our family member" they said in a alien voice "Why are you here!" I yelled "We are here to take back our family member!" yelled one "and where is your family." They brought me to a big tree "umm this is just a tree." I said sounding disappointed. "Its our leader!"  They will soon realize its just a tree not their leader. "Just take the tree ok!" I said. "Thank you." one day later "THIS IS NOT OUR LEADER!" said one wood creature.

100 WC Week #17

The Red Snake

I cycled on my bicycle in the woods as I come across a red terrifying snake! It was blocking my entrance to the new year countdown. It hissed at me as soon as I took out my phone I looked at my phones clock, just so I can get home not being late. Distracted, the snake swiftly bit me I could feel the poison rushing through my veins. I called 911 before fainting in defeat" Are you ok,are you ok!" the second time it sounded more serious. I woke up in the hospital not remembering anything that happened.

100 WC Week #16

The Ghostly Hand

One morning walking, I saw a hand appear out of no where. I ran behind a bush so I could hide as I stared five second later it started floating away into the abyss. I was frightened. It didn't look happy as if it wanted revenge.
 Something out of the shadows came toward my house i hid into a closet and I waited 2 minutes and walked out I saw the hand reassembling to a ghost with only one hand and it made a bright light and the ghost disappeared...


100 WC Week #14

The Rage Monster

I peered outside on a stormy foreboding night and saw a monkey on my creaking hallow branched tree.  As I started screaming, the monkey ran away.

When I woke the next morning, I was excited to see footsteps leading toward the path.  I followed the trail which lead to a derelict edifice. As I peeked through the window nearby, I saw the same monkey from the night before.  Strangely enough the monkey was using a computer! 

Suddenly he pushed his computer down and it landed with a loud "BANG!".  The computer was demolished on the solid cement floor.  I wondered what pandemonium this monkey would create next...

100 WC Week #13

The Hunt

It was a eerie night in the jungle of Africa. I was attempting to find food with my stone spear. I spotted a tiger cub as I poked my spear into it. A big angry tiger came running at me with full speed the tiger was blocking our escape wait no there's only me. "ROAR!" yelled the tiger as I shook of fear I threw my spear to the tiger and missed and dodged the tiger from completely eating me I grabbed my spear and I threw it at the tiger. I ran home with food to eat.